Festival L’Outaouais en fête

Make the most of the Outaouais en fête celebrations from June 21 to 24 at Parc des cèdres. Experience the joy of getting together, sharing in the local culture and discovering others. Now in its 40th year, the festival keeps growing, but refuses to grow old.
This year, we’d love to get you there by bus…simply show your ticket!

Transportation is included with your ticket

Hop on board!

  • Use the regular service and travel across the entire STO system, with the paratransit service or STO on demand
  • Show your ticket to the driver when you board
  • The offer is valid from June 21 to 24 during L’Outaouais en fête festival;
  • Regular fare applies without a ticket for the event.


Use Plani-Bus to structure your itinerary:

  • In the Origin “A” field enter:
  • In the Destination “B” field enter: Parc des cèdres

You can also use Transit, which enables you to plan your trip ahead of time and then accompanies you during your trip with information in real time.