Enjoy the incomparable experience of crossing the river like a bird flying between Ontario and Quebec thanks to the first interprovincial zip line in Canada.

Promo for STO customers

Get a 10% discount when you purchase an Interzip thanks to your Multi. Use the MULTI-ZIP promo code when you purchase your ticket online (not available for discounted pre-sale tickets).

Take the bus! An ecological, economical and hassle-free solution!

Plan your trips to the Interzip site.

Use Plani-Bus to structure your itinerary:

  • In the Origin “A” field, enter:
  • In the Destination “B” field, enter: Zibi or 40 rue Jos-Montferrand.

You can also use Transit, which enables you to plan your trip ahead of time and then accompanies you during your trip with information in real time.

Are you a regular public transit rider?

  • Routes 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 55, 59, 371 and 400 can drop you off at the #2602 and #2604 stops (Terrasses de la Chaudière);
  • Route 33, stop #2607 (Eddy/Wellington);
  • Route 67, stop #2615 (Laval/Laurier);
  • Routes 31 and 67, stop # 2613  (Laval/Laurier).

    All of these are within walking distance of the Interzip site.

Check the schedules under “Route Schedules“.