Electric Scooters on Board

Pilot Project

Electric scooters are permitted in Gatineau. In order to give STO riders a chance to combine their modes of transportation and promote intermodality, they are allowed to board with their personal electric scooters. This pilot project will enable us to determine whether this measure would be viable over the longer term and could be coordinated with OC Transpo.

Electric scooter near a public bench

Please note :

Electric scooters :

  • are allowed on buses as long as they are immobilized and do not obstruct the way (fold it in half if possible);
  • sare compatible with the four secure bike storage units in Gatineau; and;
  • cannot be placed on bus bike racks.

Allowed on Board

Allowed in Secure Bike Storage Units

Not Allowed on Bus Bike Racks


Client boarding the bus with an electric scooter 



Secured bike storage unit


Bike rack in front of the bus