Visual identity and graphics

The STO’s visual identity

Our logo

The arrow symbol represents:

  • the road traveled and the road ahead;
  • continuous movement; and
  • the intent to move forward together and meet multiple needs.

The two parts represent:

  • the desired closeness with our different users; and
  • the connection between public and active transportation.

Our signature

L’avenir en commun:   A shared tomorrow

  • those who choose public transit today contribute to a better future for everyone;
  • those who invest in public transit and help make it more appealing are shaping its future development; and
  • those who choose to give up their vehicle in favour of active transportation and public transit are the builders of a better society.

Public transit. A shared city. A shared project. A shared vision. A shared commitment. A shared innovation.

Download the Logos and Graphics Standards

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