OC Transpo U-Pass: For students living in Quebec

2022-2023 semesters

If you are studying at the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Saint Paul University or Algonquin College during the school year, you are eligible to get the OC Transpo U Pass. 

This pass is accepted on the STO system without restrictions from September 1, to April 30 and during the summer session if you are registered as a full-time student. The U-Pass is exclusively for full-time students registered at these academic institutions.

IMPORTANT: You must update your “Mailing Address” in your student file (place of residence during the school year) at your academic institution.

The U-Pass is on a smart card, so you must tap your card on the reader when you board the bus and then show the photo side of your card to the driver.

How to get the OC Transpo U-Pass

You already have a U-Pass smart card? Keep it and skip the lineup!

Your smart card can be used again for the following school year or for the summer session. Simply go to an automatic recharging unit for this purpose on your institution's campus. Make sure to find out the dates for recharging your card!

New students

To find out when and where to get this pass, check the U-Pass section  on the OC Transpo site, which has an FAQ section for each academic institution. You can also visit your student association's Web site: