In 2018, to improve our efficiency and quality of service, we implemented a new operating and passenger information support system. 

Our 380 buses were equipped with sophisticated equipment, and a new operations software program was implemented.

What is an operating support system?

This is a system that enables us to track, in real time, the geographic position of our buses throughout Gatineau and Ottawa. 

The information gathered makes it much easier to manage our system and services.

A new approach to informing riders

We can offer more reliable and precise information about when buses will reach a stop. Also, riders are alerted about the upcoming stop. 

Information tools in real time!! 

Our customers benefit in many ways

Thanks to the information gathered, we can now:

  • improve the reliability and regularity of our service;
  • better assess the system and make improvements;
  • automatically count the number of riders;
  • quickly obtain information about every trip (ahead of / behind schedule, overcrowding);
  • help manage detours and unexpected situations; and
  • optimize vehicle maintenance.