Our teams develop and carry out major projects that transform the region. Our projects always aim to meet the 3 main goals of our strategic plan: 

  • Placing the customer front and centre in our decisions and actions  
  • Playing an active role in land use planning and development for the benefit of an efficient and accessible public transit system 
  • Fully assuming our leadership in public transit by contributing to the sustainable development of the Gatineau community and the image of the Outaouais 

Gatineau-Ottawa tram

A solution that will improve mobility between Gatineau’s west end and both downtowns.

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Extension of the Rapibus corridor

Another step eastward!

Electrification of the STO

Towards a 100% electric future

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All-door boarding

To improve the experience, fluidity and performance at specific places in our system.

You can contribute too! 

There are several options that allow you to have your voice heard.  

Join our All ears STO community and participate in surveys or focus groups on our major projects.

All ears STO

Share your views on projects during our public consultations. Let us know about about the necessary compromises and issues you may encounter.

Public consultations

Consult our completed projects

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