Advertising with the STO

Are you looking for an original way to spread the word about your business? The different types of posters on our buses and our public transit system enable you to reach a large number of people throughout Gatineau and downtown Ottawa.

With more than 380 buses and 400 spots for posters, you’re sure to get your money’s worth by:

  • choosing among several options for signs: buses, bus shelters, advertising panels, posters in buses and bus wraps;
  • selecting strategic locations to reach specific audiences;
  • demonstrating your environmental awareness and support for sustainable transportation;
  • offering mobile advertising thanks to the continuous movement of buses;
  • every day reaching drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and STO customers; and
  • giving your ads lots of exposure in residential neighbourhoods.

Signs on buses and throughout the system

Our advertising agency, IMAGI Affichage, looks after the signs throughout our system as well as in our buses. Its mission is to offer clients original advertising solutions.

To learn more:

Sylvain Robertson
Director, IMAGI Affichage
Telephone: 819-778-3337
Toll-free: 800-770-5410

Advertising benches

Advertising benches are also available at some bus stops along the public transit system.

To learn more:

Diane Kerr
Creative Outdoor Advertising
Telephone: 613-482-0648