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Tu voyages sur les deux réseaux?

Federal Tax Credit

The federal government is offering a 15% tax credit for public transit riders until June 30, 2017. The credit is applied to the cost of a pass (line 364-T1 of the federal income tax return) when the following conditions are met:

  • For 2017, the tax credit applies to passes from January to the end of June;
  • For years prior to 2017, passes must be purchased between January 1 and December 31 of the year of the income tax return;
  • You can claim the tax credit for a year even if you purchased your pass in the month of December preceding the year in question.

You can also claim the cost of passes on behalf of your spouse, common-law partner and dependent children under the age of 19 if these people have not claimed the tax credit themselves.

You cannot claim the cost of a pass for a student whose travel expenses are covered by the school board. However, the cost of passes can be claimed if they were paid by riders. For the 7-day pass paid at the beginning of the school year, the receipt from the school can be used as proof. The STO does not issue a receipt for this transit pass.

Visit the Canada Revenue Agency Web site for more details about the federal tax credit.

Supporting documentation

You do not have to submit documentation proving the purchase of your pass when you file your federal income tax return. However, you must keep the following documents in case the Canada Revenue Agency asks you to submit them.

Eligible pass

Documentation to keep

Monthly pass 

Cam-Puce, Cam-Puce UQO and Cam-Puce Cégep passes (4-month semester passes)

Receipt issued when you purchased the pass. Make a photocopy of it to ensure it will last.

Photocopy of your Multi (or Passe-Partout PLUS) card to be able to match the reference number on your receipt with the number on your card.


Bank statements. The monthly debits taken by the STO are identified on the statement


Photocopy of the T4 slip, which shows the deductions at source taken by your employer to purchase your pass. They are identified in box 84 – Public transit pass, in the “Other information” area on this slip.

We can help you get your transaction receipt

If you did not keep your supporting documentation for the current or past years, you can get a transaction receipt using My Profile. You will need your Multi card.

IMPORTANT: For 2017, the federal tax credit applies only to passes from January to the end of June.


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