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Summer shuttle in Gatineau Park offered by NCC

The NCC is pleased to offer new ways to explore Gatineau Park, aboard the  Gatineau Park shuttle. The shuttle will be in service on weekends, from June 25 to August 28, offering two-way service from Ottawa–Gatineau and the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre, in Chelsea, with stops at popular locations along the parkways. The service will be free this year, and the shuttle will be accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Take Gatineau Park Shuttle!

This summer, I'm taking the bus to the Gatineau Park

Schedules and Stops
Approximately every 30 minutes

From Ottawa-Gatineau to Visitor Centre

From Visitor Centre to Ottawa-Gatineau

Stop 1 : Pindigen Park in Ottawa

Stop 2 : Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau

Stop 3 : Montcalm Rapibus Station in Gatineau

Stop 4 : South entrance (P3) 

Stop 5 : Pink Lake Lookout

Stop 6 : Mackenzie-King Estate

Stop 7 : Lauriault/Mulvihill

Stop 8 : King Mountain

Stop 9 : Champlain Lookout

Stop 10 : Camp Fortune

Stop 11 : Visitor Centre

First bus 9:10 a.m.
Last bus 3:10 p.m.

Stop 1 : Visitor Centre

Stop 2 : Camp Fortune

Stop 3 : Champlain Lookout

Stop 4 : King Mountain

Stop 5 : Lauriault/Mulvihill

Stop 6 : Mackenzie-King Estate

Stop 7 : Pink Lake Lookout

Stop 8 : South entrance (P3) 

Stop 9 : Montcalm Rapibus Station in Gatineau

Stop 10 : Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau

Stop 11 : Pindigen Park in Ottawa

First bus to downtown 9:45 a.m.
Last bus to downtown 4:45 p.m.

Shuttle route

Check the map below or download it to locate the stops and the shuttle route: 

Accessibility and Paratransit

Every stop is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Every shuttle has an access ramp and a low floor.


  • Only permitted on board if they are in a crate;
  • Guide dogs and service dogs are permitted on board at all times.

Bike racks

  • The Vélo-bus service is available.
  • Shuttles are equipped with a bike rack.

Plan your trips to take the shuttle

Use Plani-Bus to set up your itinerary from departure point “A” to one of the three (3) shuttle stops (destination “B”).

Indicate the departure point “A” by:

Indicate the destination point “B” as one of the following two (2) stops:

  • in downtown Ottawa (Pindigen park);
  • in Gatineau (Canadian Museum of History);
  • Montcalm Station (Gatineau)

Regular Fares

The price of a pass is $4.25 in cash, see the fare section for all current fare types.

  • Up to four children aged 11 and under can travel for free
  • Saturdays and Sundays all year-long
  • Every day in July and August
  • On statutory holidays in Quebec
  • Deetails and conditions.

STO on demand

Buckingham and Masson-Angers residents can use the new STO on demand service in their sectors to connect with routes 97 and 93 at the Georges/Route 148 park-and-ride. Details here.


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