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November 6, 2020

Update on the presentation of the analysis and recommendations on the insertion options to downtown Ottawa

Early November 2020, the City of Ottawa published a report that was eventually presented to the Transportation Committee on November 16th, and which proposed an update on the project, as well as various recommendations to the Ottawa city councillors.

Shortly before the publication of this report, the STO has held a technical briefing followed by a short press conference in order to provide an update on the project, highlights and recommendations of the insertion options, cost details and next steps.

Summary of the presentation

  • The report acknowledges and recommends the tramway as an essential transportation mode to connect both downtowns and respond to the mobility needs of the region for the next decades;
  • Regarding the insertion to Ottawa, the City of Ottawa prefers the tunnel option underneath Sparks street, but remains open to the surface scenarios on Wellington;
  • With this report, the costs associated with the various insertion options were also made available to the public. These costs may vary according to the scenario and variants, the preferred transportation modes or insertion option to Ottawa.

For further information, please view the technical briefing presentation of November 6, 2020.


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