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Rapibus: Frequently Asked Questions

Published : 09-14-2013

Rapibus: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to YOUR questions!

The Rapibus will start running on October 19, and everyone will be able to try out a new way of travelling. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions submitted to our Customer Relations team.

Why the Rapibus?

Public transit in a bus-only corridor is a concrete way to address growing traffic congestion problems. It improves rider experience while also providing better local neighbourhood service.

See the video (in French only)

Fore more information

How frequently will buses run in the Rapibus corridor during peak periods?

A bus every 2 min. 30 sec. is the average frequency of buses in the corridor during peak periods.

Many ways to plan your trips:

Will the regular bus service stay the same as before?

In the neighbourhoods, there will be more routes and trips to take riders to Rapibus stations. For 80% of riders currently using the regular and express routes, the travel times during peak periods will be faster (50%) or the same (30%).

Will there be many connections?

Only one connection at the station between the neighbourhood bus route and the Rapibus corridor. The travel time calculated by the Rapibus Plani-Bus includes this connection time and the total walking time. 

Will there be an additional connection when heading to the downtown areas of Ottawa and the Hull sector?

No. Once riders have boarded a Rapibus bus, they will go directly to the downtown Hull sector or Ottawa via the network of reserved lanes along Allumettières and Maisonneuve.

See the video (in French only)

Will the express routes disappear?

Yes. They will be replaced by the Rapibus, which avoids traffic congestion thanks to an exclusive busway to ensure reliable service. Today, many express bus routes cannot stay on schedule because of the heavy traffic.

See the video (in French only)

Will the Rapibus system serve a larger area?

Yes. For people in the east end, the new Rapibus configuration will offer new access to employment and academic areas, such as the industrial park in the Hull sector, the building at 200 Montcalm, the National Defence building, the Cégep de l'Outaouais campuses, the two UQO pavilions and Terrasses de la Chaudière. It will also provide a direct link between the Gatineau and Aylmer sectors via routes 800 and 810. Thousands of potential riders will have access to faster, more reliable service that avoids traffic.

How do I find out which changes I should make to my usual travel habits?

Check Rapibus Plani-Bus, the new edition of the User's Guide including the schedules of the Rapibus system, or better yet, call 819 770-3242 to find out which itinerary is best for you.

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Consult the Rapibus Web site to know more about the Rapibus service offer.



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