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From Monday, redirection to Branchaud-Brière when Parc-o-bus Labrosse is full

Published : 01-23-2020

As of Monday, January 27, measures will be put in place to avoid parking in prohibited areas that may cause security issues and obstructions to snow removal operations at Parc-o-bus Labrosse.

During the week, when parking is full, the Parc-o-bus entrance will be closed.Cars will be redirected to the Parc-o-bus Branchaud-Brière, located at 499, Labrosse blvd., where additional parking spaces are available for customers.

Parc-o-bus Branchaud-Brière is served by lines 68, 71 and 76, which all go to Labrosse station. By combining these lines, you are offered a 10-minute service to Labrosse station, from where you can board your usual bus line.

Customers are therefore invited to plan their travel time accordingly.

We also want to remind you of the importance of parking in designated places.

Have you considered taking the bus from your neighborhood?

Routes 68, 71, 74, 76, 77, 78, 79 and 97 also serve Labrosse station.Consult the Plani-Bus for your personalized itinerary, or call us at 819 770-3242.


From Parc-o-bus Branchaud-Brière, routes 68, 71 and 76 take Labrosse blvd. to Lorrain station, from where you can make a connection on your bus routes at your usual place.

For the return home, to go to the Parc-o-bus Branchaud-Brière from Labrosse station, you can:
• Take route 68 from platform #4.
• Take route 71 and 76 from platform #6.




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