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Review of services in the Plateau and Manoir des Trembles districts

Project description

The Plateau district has been undergoing very rapid residential and commercial growth. Over the years, the STO has been adapting the network, particularly rush hour services, by adding and extending routes and adding buses.

However, outside of rush hour, the service has remained relatively unchanged. In addition, some of the adjustments introduced in the fall of 2016 in the Aylmer sector have had an impact on services in the Plateau district.

The STO had undertaken to make changes in the Plateau district the following year, and is currently working on revising the network by the fall of 2017 to:

  1. modify off-peak services to ensure that they better meet the needs of residents, within the limits of affordability; and

  2. overhaul rush hour services within the limits of available resources at that time of day, namely the number of buses.

Project phases

  • November 21 to December 4, 2016: consultations on the needs and expectations of residents (see the summary below)
  • December 2016 to January 2017: development and analysis of different service scenarios
  • February 2017: development of an initial service proposal
  • Friday, March 3, 2017: online release of information about the proposed system
  • Monday, March 6 and Thursday, March 9 2017 : open-house information sessions
  • Tuesday, March 7, to Sunday, March 19, 2017: online consultation on the proposed system
  • Thursday, April 27: adoption of the new services by the STO board of directors
  • August 28, 2017: coming into effect of the new service

Desired improvements and challenges

From November 21 to December 4, 2016, we invited residents in the Plateau and Manoir des Trembles districts to share their needs and expectations with us. More than 300 people participated in this first consultation phase.

Regarding the service during peak periods, respondents desired the following:

  • Better frequency and the use of articulated buses to reduce overloading
  • Improved punctuality
  • Better coordination between the schedules for the different routes
  • Earlier or later trips added
  • Trips added and improved reliability on route 28 heading to Tunney's Pasture
  • Reserved lanes added on Taché, Montcalm, Allumettières (medium-term objective).

Outside peak periods, the following improvements are desired:

  • Increased frequency
  • Shorter and more direct routes
  • Better coverage of the area
  • Better connections between the sectors, especially towards Gatineau and the Rapibus corridor, the Galeries de Hull, and the Aylmer sector.

Read the consultation report (in French only).

These expectations guided the development of the service proposal.

However, it is important to understand that some requests conflict and that the sector poses a few challenges for public transit service:

  • The street layout limits the number of roads that the buses can take, makes routes longer and increases the walking distance to get to a stop.
  • Manoir des Trembles is an enclosed neighbourhood that is not connected to the Plateau.
  • It is therefore necessary to find a compromise between providing service close to the greatest possible number of residences and proposing direct routes and competitive travel times.
  • Many links are desired between the different sectors of Gatineau, but the various directions cannot be offered with direct routes for everyone.
  • The STO's resources are limited in terms of the budget and buses available.

Besides, the proposed system also has to take into account future residential and commercial development, such as the Plateau / Vanier area and the "Cœur du village".

Outcome of the consultation on the service proposal

The service proposal was presented to the public in March through the STO Web site and at two evening information meetings in the affected neighbourhoods. Residents then had the chance to express their views about the proposed amendments during public consultations held from March 7 to 19. We would like to thank the 380 residents who took the time to share their views about the service proposal!

In terms of the regular services, respondents essentially appreciated the improved frequency, the creation of a more direct and rapid route, and access to the Rapibus corridor. However, the transfer required for some trips was a major issue. Some of the respondents would also like more frequent service as soon as the new system is in place.

In peak periods, the creation of new routes and improved frequency were seen as significant improvements. On the other hand, some of the changes proposed for peak routes received a mixed response. There were also requests for added trips.

View the consultation report (in French only)

Changes made to the proposal

In view of your comments, the following main adjustments were made:

Off-peak hours:

  • Route 34: will take rue de l'Atmosphère instead of boulevard du Plateau, which will place 84% of Plateau residents within walking distance of this route.
  • Route 39: will be extended to the Freeman Park-and-Ride through boulevard de la Carrière, rue Jean-Proulx and boulevard Saint-Joseph.
  • Route 371: a new accessible route created to serve rue Mutchmore by converting one out of two of the route 37 trips.

Peak hours:

  • Route 22: maintain the route, with 8 trips in the morning and another 8 in the afternoon.
  • Route 23: as a result of the maintenance of route 25 on rue de l'Atmosphère, route 23 will take boulevard du Plateau and offer 8 trips in the morning and another 8 in the afternoon.
  • Route 24: maintain the route with one less trip than originally proposed, with 10 in the morning and another 10 in the afternoon.
  • Route 25: maintain the current service on rue de l'Atmosphère with 11 trips in the morning and another 11 in the afternoon.
  • Route 26: add one trip in the morning, and another in the afternoon.
  • Route 28: maintain the route with 3 trips interspersed with the 3 trips on the new route 18, which will serve Tunney's Pasture via the Rapibus corridor.
  • Route 29: maintain the current service with 12 trips in the morning, and another 12 in the afternoon.

View the table summarizing the changes made

The revised service was adopted by the STO Board of Directors on April 27, and come into effect on August 28, 2017.

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