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My Multi Will Take Me Far!

Did you know that your Multi card (the one you use to pay your fare every time you board the bus) offers you exclusive offers?

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Multi card expiry

In June 2022, the Multi card will celebrate 10 years in existence, and for some people, it will be time to replace it. To find out whether your card will expire, check the date it was issued, in the top right corner (next to the photo).

To find this date, you need to check in the upper right corner of your card (next to the photo). If your card was issued in 2012, you will have to go to a STO service point to have it replaced free of charge. 

Register for Communauto and get a $40 discount

Who needs a second car! Pool your trips. Discover the benefits of carsharing with communauto. You get all of the advantages of a car without any of the hassle..

Communauto + STO it's:

  • 25 stations around Gatineau
  • 34 vehicles
  • Your Multi pass unlocks the door
  • Exclusive offers for STO customers

Register for Communauto

  • Enter your Multi pass number
  • Enter the promo code: STO
  • Get a $40 discount (on Liberté Plus and Économique, Économique Plus and Économique Extra enrolments)

No need for a second car with the STO and Communauto.

Load Multi Card Online

Whether you're at home or at work, load your monthly pass or e-wallet onto your Multi card online! More details. 

Load your Multi card now in My Profile


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