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Where to recharge your Multi card

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There are three ways to recharge your monthly pass or e-wallet on your Multi card. 

1. Load your Multi card on your personalized space My Profile

2. Go to one of our 40 Recharging Sites

You can recharge your monthly pass or e-wallet at one of our 40 recharging sites. Surely, there's one close to you.

See the list.

3. Go to one of our Service Points

There are four service points available.

Get there a few days before the end of the month and avoid the long waiting lines!

At the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO) service points, you can:

  • Get your Multi pass (arrive at least 30 minutes before closing);
  • Purchase, load or recharge your pass and E-Wallet on your Multi card;
  • Reactivate a lost, stolen or defective Multi pass (A $10 fee applies to replace the card and its contents. If your card had no cash value, the fee is $8);
  • Buy bus tickets or the Passe-temps pass;
  • Buy gift cards;
  • Get information about our services, fares and promotions.
  • Purchase, load or recharge a Transcollines pass and replacement of the Transcollines smart card (STO and De la Cité station only).


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