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Reserving Occasional Transportation

Once your eligibility application has been submitted and you have received a letter of acceptance by mail, you can start to use the paratransit service and submit requests to reserve occasional transportation (specific needs on an occasional basis, holidays).

The Paratransit Service User's Guide can provide more information to supplement this section.

How and when to reserve

Please reserve 2 weeks in advance, or, at the very latest, by noon on the day before transportation is requested, except for reservations for a Monday, which must be made by noon on the preceding Saturday. These time periods apply to every reservation request.

On the Internet

To make a reservation on-line, you must have or create a Profile at You must then contact the Paratransit Service by telephone to confirm that your Profile at is consistent with your eligibility file.

  • You can access your Profile or create one by clicking this link: My Profile.

The next time you access your Profile, the Paratransit Reservation Request tab will be available. Simply click the tab, enter the required information for your reservation request and validate it.
Check the list of information required when making a reservation so that you are properly prepared to complete your on-line request.

If a reservation is incomplete or does not meet the criteria, a message will be displayed to explain the problem. It is essential to correct the errors so that your reservation request is validated and transmitted to us.

Once your reservation request has been validated, you will be sent a confirmation email to let you know that your request has been transmitted for processing. Once your reservation request has been processed by the paratransit service, you will be sent a second e-mail to confirm your transportation.

By telephone

You can submit a reservation request by telephone by calling 819 773-2222. Persons with a hearing or speech impairment can use the Bell Relay Service at 1 800 855-0511.

Check the list of information required when making a reservation so that you are properly prepared to complete your on-line request.

Business hours 

Monday to Friday

6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Saturday, Sunday and holidays

7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Information required when making a reservation

To speed up your reservation request, please have the following information ready:

  • Rider number 
  • Trip date
  • Exact addresses of the departure and return locations (if the addresses are different) and other information about the location that can help the driver find you easily (e.g., door number, side of the building, etc.)
  • Desired arrival time at the destination 
  • Desired departure time for the return trip
  • Whether you use a mobility aid (e.g., cane, scooter, manual wheelchair, etc.)
  • Whether there will be an attendant and the attendant's method of payment
  • Whether there will be a child under the age of 6
  • Whether there will be a guide dog or service dog

Requested transportation time

Paratransit service hours are from Monday to Sunday from 6:15 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

To ensure quality service for as many riders as possible, the driver cannot wait at the destination for the return portion of the trip.

The time requested and the time assigned by the dispatcher may vary depending on the route and road conditions.

When you request transportation to a destination, be ready to board the vehicle at least 10 minutes before the arranged time.

For the return trip, you just need to be ready by the requested time for transportation. 

Your departure time will vary depending on your departure location and destination. 

  • If the trip is within a sector (e.g., from the Gatineau sector to the Gatineau sector), the departure should be scheduled 45 minutes before the desired arrival time.
  • If the trip is between sectors (e.g., from the Gatineau sector to the Hull sector), the departure should le scheduled 60 minutes before the desired arrival time.

We will inform you by telephone the day before your scheduled trip if your transportation will be:

  • More than 5 minutes before the time requested;
  • More than 15 minutes after the time requested.


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