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Rapibus Corridor

Unique in Quebec, the Rapibus corridor is a bus rapid transit (BRT) system built along the existing railway right-of-way.

It is a two-way corridor more than 12 km long that is reserved exclusively for buses. It links Labrosse and Alexandre-Taché boulevards and provides service to the downtown areas of the Hull sector and Ottawa along reserved lanes.

Rapibus corridor extensiontowards the east confirmed

The Quebec Ministry of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification  confirmed investments from the governments of Quebec and Canada to extend the Rapibus corridor towards the east.

This 2.8 kilometre extension of the Rapibus corridor up to Lorrain and construction of the Lac Beauchamp station are in addition to the Lorrain station and incentive parking construction project as announced on August 29, 2017, through the financial assistance program of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF).


Ten stations along the corridor offer numerous amenities.

Rapibus corridor map

Park-and-ride lots and bicycle paths

Incentive parking lots and a 10.7 km bicycle path along the corridor (from Labrosse station to Les Galeries de Hull station) let you opt for transportation that combines both bike and bus.


  • A system with high-frequency routes along a corridor.
  • Higher capacity, quieter and cleaner articulated buses, combined with regular buses.
  • Local routes serving various areas of interest in a neighbourhood and converging at a terminus, such as a Rapibus station or a park-and-ride.
  • Easy access to the main business, academic, recreational and commercial centres.
Illustration of the Rapibus corridor


The Rapibus is part of a new public transit system that takes the needs of the entire community into account. It is a new way of travelling, for a future… together!

Construction of the Lorrain station and incentive parking lot

This spring will see the start of construction on the Lorrain station and its incentive parking lot with more than 219 parking spaces. The work will be done at 115 Lorrain in the Gatineau sector.

The park-and-ride will therefore be closed for the duration of the work starting April 1, 2018. The reopening date has not been determined for the moment.

The Lorrain Park-and-Ride bus stop will continue to be served during construction. However, it could be moved several metres depending on need.

Extension of the Rapibus towards the east (Lorrain)

Now that the investment from the governments of Quebec and Canada has been confirmed, the next phases in this extension are:

  • Conduct environmental studies;
  • Organize information sessions with residents affected by the construction and address their concerns;
  • Finalize  development of the plans and specifications;
  • Launch the call for tenders for construction of the Labrosse-Lorrain segment, including the Lac-Beauchamp station;
  • Award the construction contract according to procurement rules;
  • Roll out a communication plan for the anticipated two years of construction (2019 and 2020);
  • Offer a BRT system along the Rapibus corridor for a distance of almost 15 kilometres (2021).


  • Offer significant time savings for riders coming from the east end of the Gatineau sector by reducing the expected time between the Lorrain and Labrosse stations, especially during peak periods.

    Comparison of travel times based on the possible routes, morning and afternoon peak period, between Labrosse and Lorrain stations.
Comparison of travel times based on the possible routes, morning and afternoon peak period, between Labrosse and Lorrain stations.
  • Increase the population base within walking distance of the Rapibus corridor.
  • Increase access to Lac Beauchamp Park and its activities. Contribute to the economic revitalization of adjacent sectors.


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