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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Multi card

1.  Is the old the Passe-Partout Plus card still valid?

  • No, as of July 1, 2013, the Passe-Partout Plus is no longer valid. If you still have one, we invite you to get a Multi for $8 at one of our service points or the issuing centre.

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2. What is an e-wallet?

  • The e-wallet on the Multi card lets you put money on the smart card in order to pay your fare (as you would with a paper ticket) at a lower cost than with the paper ticket. It is activated on all Multi cards.

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3. Do I have to put a minimum amount in my e-wallet?

  • Yes, the minimum amount is $10.00, and the maximum amount is $110.00.

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4. Is paying the fare with the e-wallet cheaper than paying with cash?

  • Yes, a fare paid with the e-wallet is cheaper than a paper ticket. In addition, the e-wallet has the advantage that the remaining balance can be refunded if the card is lost.

    Reduced fares for students and seniors are also available for the e-wallet.

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5. Will paper tickets disappear completely?

  • As of January 1, 2013, reduced fare paper tickets are no longer available. Basic fare tickets are still available.

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6. How can I check the balance on my e-wallet?

  • There are many ways to check your balanc :
  1. When you board the bus, the balance on your card will be displayed on the reader once you validate your card.

  2. When you load your card at the STO service points, smart card issuing and recharging centre and smart card recharging sites this information is available and is printed on your receipt.

  3. When you load your card on line in your Profile, under “View the contents of my card” or in the step when you select the passes for the transaction. Note that any trips or card transactions made on line in the last 48 hours may not be listed yet.

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7. Is there a delay before the money is available on my card?

  • There is no delay when you load your card at a service point, the issuing centre or one of the recharging sites.

    The delay is 48 hours if you load your card on line because the transaction must be transmitted to the readers on all the buses when they arrive at the garage. After that has occurred, passing your card in front of the reader activates the transaction and validates your card. We recommend waiting 48 hours to ensure that all the readers have been updated with your transaction.

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8. Can I load my Multi using a credit card?

  • Yes, you can now use a credit card at STO service points. A few recharging sites also offer this option. It is also possible to load your Multi card using a credit card by loading it on line in My Profile.

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9. If I don't have enough money in my e-wallet, can I get to my destination with a negative balance?

  • No. If you do not have the necessary amount to pay for your trip, no money will be taken from your e-wallet and the driver will ask you to pay the full amount in cash.

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10. What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

  • Simply go to one of the STO's 3 service points. You will be able to get a new smart card for $10 (tax exempt). You will also recover the balance of your smart card (passes and e-wallet balance). If your card has no cash value on it, it will be replaced at a cost of $8 (tax exempt).

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11. Can I use my Multi (pass or e-wallet) on OC Transpo buses?

  • The Multi has a zone that is shared by both public transit systems to ensure that our riders keep the same privileges as in the past.

    If you have a card with a pass, simply tap the PRESTO reader. A green light will show that the card has been validated. However, whenever you renew your pass, when you travel for the first time, it is important to validate your card on the STO system first before you can use it on the OC Transpo system (unless you have a FIDÉLITÉ or Employer Multi card).

    If you are paying the fare with your e-wallet on the STO system, the transfer time is recorded automatically on your Multi. OC Transpo's PRESTO system recognizes that the trip is valid when you tap the reader with your card. Only trips transferring from the STO system are permitted, you cannot start a trip on the OC Transpo system. The same restriction applies when using a PRESTO card with an e-wallet on the STO system.

    OC Transpo passes and paper transfers will continue to be accepted by the STO.

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12. I am a paratransit rider. Am I able to use the Multi?

  • Yes, you can use the Multi to load passes on it. However, because paratransit vehicles are not equipped with readers, the e-wallet is not offered for this service. You can also load your pass onto the Multi card on line.

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13. How long is the transfer time with my e-wallet?

  • The transfer time is 2 hours starting from the first validation on an STO bus. If you exceed this period, your e-wallet will be debited for the amount of a new fare the next time you board the bus.

    If you are boarding an OC Transpo bus and your transfer time has expired, the driver will ask you to pay your fare in cash or with an OC Transpo ticket.

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14. Do I have to print my transaction receipt in case my Multi is checked on an STO or OC Transpo bus?

  • No, you do not need a printed receipt if your Multi is checked. In fact, the receipt is no longer accepted as proof of validity on STO and OC Transpo buses. However, your card must be valid when you tap the reader. Therefore, please allow up to 48 hours for your transaction to be loaded and transmitted to the reader on the bus. Also note that you must first validate your card on an STO bus before it can be accepted by the OC Transpo system.

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Q. Can you make a hole in your Multi card?

  • No. Multi cards have a chip and a metallic thread along the edges. Making a hole in your card could damage that thread and prevent your card from working.

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