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2005-2015 Strategic Plan - Summary of the Revised Plan in 2011

A decade focused on developing mass transit in the Outaouais

Bande d'images représentant les 5 axes prioritaires du plan stratégique de la STO


The STO’s 2005-2015 Strategic Plan is in full swing. Since being adopted, many projects have been completed.

Projects launched since 2005

  • Increased ridership
  • Enhanced services
  • More reserved lanes
  • A computerized trip planner
  • Use of biodiesel
  • Evaluation of hybrid technology with the Ligne Verte
  • Greater safety of facilities
  • Six new incentive parking facilities
  • New Allumettières terminus
  • 100% of the regular system accessible during off-peak hours
  • Complete accessibility of the regular system for riders with reduced mobility during off-peak hours
  • Rapibus

The STO has seen its ridership increase significantly, going from 16.5 million trips on its system in 2005 to more than 20 million trips in 2011.

The STO will carry on this momentum by continuing to improve the appeal and use of public transit in order to increase the market share of this mode of transportation compared with automobiles.

Five primary themes

The 2005-2015 Strategic Plan sets out the STO's main development directions to achieve this goal.

The plan is based on 5 primary strategic initiatives surrounding the following themes:

  • Customer service
  • Environment and sustainable development
  • System efficiency
  • Harmonious planning of mass transit
  • Shared commitment to the mission

Concrete actions to be completed by 2015

The STO will complete various actions by 2015 in order to optimize its efficiency.

These include:

  • Introduction of the Rapibus;
  • New generation of smart card;
  • Introduction of a quality charter;
  • Improved accessibility of the regular system;
  • Acquisition of hybrid and articulated buses;
  • New park-and-ride facilities.

In pursuit of the objectives to reach by 2015

  • 40 kilometres of reserved lanes
  • 22 million trips
  • 40,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided
  • 8,000 fewer cars on the roads
  • 3,000 parking spaces thanks to park-and-ride facilities

The plan is based on a vision shared with the City of Gatineau for sustainable development, integrated planning and land-use development. It promotes alignment with the City of Gatineau’s 2009-2014 strategic plan.The STO’s 2005-2015 Strategic Plan is updated yearly and revised every five years.

See the summary of the Strategic Plan 2005-2015 (revised 2011).

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