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Published : 11-29-2019

Some bus stops will be removed as of december 2nd

Bus stops #2100 and #2102 on St-Jospeh blvd at corner of Dumas street

Routes concerned : 36, 37, 371, 38 and 937

Reason of removing : As part of the review of the Saint-Joseph stopping sites carried out in conjunction with the reconstruction of the boulevard. This revision provides for a reduction in the number of stops to regularize the distances between stops. There are currently several stops at short distance on Saint-Joseph Boulevard.

Possible alternative for bus stop #2100: Go to stop #2096 two blocks south near the parking lot.

Possible alternative for stop #2102: Go to stop #2106 one street north in front of 277 boulevard Saint-Joseph, near Nicolet street.

Bus stops #4228 and #4317 on du Sommelier street

Routes concerned : 69 and 566

Reason of removing : Following the city's decision to withdraw the functional dead-end. Stop locations near the curve were not a problem in the absence of traffic. However, the reopening of the street to traffic makes the stops problematic.

Possible alternative for stop #4248: Go to stop #4314 at about 150 meters to Le Roy street near 60, du Sommelier street.

Possible alternative for stop #4317: Go to stop #4312 approximately 130 meters to Le Roy street near 59, du Sommelier street.

Thank you for your understanding.

For more information, contact Customer Relations at 819 770-3242.


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