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Published : 06-21-2019

June 26: Hydro-Quebec work starts on Labrosse Park-and-Ride. See

Starting June 26

However, please note that Hydro-Québec will begin installation of fences to secure the concerned areas as of Tuesday, June 25, 9 p.m.


Hydro-Québec plans to rebuild a number of 120-kV lines in Gatineau between Vignan substation, on Gréber, and Interconnexion-Maclaren substation, in the Masson-Angers sector.

The lines will be dismantled and rebuilt on steel towers over more than 25 km by a specialized contractor. The dismantling and rebuilding will take place from April 2019 to July 2020.

This project aims to ensure continued and improved high-quality service for customers.

Read more about this work.

Impact on the Labrosse Park-and-Ride

Because the Labrosse Park-and-Ride is under the power lines, some areas in the incentive parking lot will have to be closed and secured to allow Hydro-Québec to do the required work.

Three zones in the park-and-ride will be affected by the work.

Red zone: this section, which has about 70 parking spaces, will beinaccessible at all times during the work, from June 26 to September 20, 2019.

Yellow zone: this section, which has about 50 parking spaces, will be inaccessible at all times during the work, from June 26 to July 3.

Blue zone: this section, which has about 20 parking spaces, will be inaccessible at all times from June 26 to September 20, 2019.

The dates specified may be subject to change based on the progress of the work or any other exceptional situation.  

Streets may be closed temporarily for short periods. Check the Ville de Gatineau web site for more details about the road closures.


Below are a few possible alternatives to reduce the impact of the Hydro-Québec work on riders who use the Labrosse Park-and-Ride.

Go to the Branchaud-Brière Park-and-Ride
499 Labrosse

Additional parking spaces will be available at the Branchaud-Brière Park-and-Ride starting now, until the end of September 2019, with a total of 102 spaces that will be available for public transit riders.

The Branchaud-Brière Park-and-Ride is served by routes 68, 71 and 76, which all go to Labrosse station. By combining these routes, service is available every 10 minutes to Labrosse station, where you can board your regular bus.

See the map of the authorized parking zone at the Branchaud-Brière Park-and-Ride.

Start your bus trip from your neighbourhood

Check Plani-Bus for more details on the service offered close to your home.


Ride your bike to Labrosse station, where there are 6 bike racks for 42 bicycles, with 28 sheltered spaces.

Use the Vélo-Bus service. Our buses have bike racks.


Get organized with your neighbours or friends who live close by and usually park at the Labrosse Park-and-Ride.

To reach Hydro-Québec

Info-project line
1 800 465-1521, extension 6022

For more information, contact Customer Relations at 819 770-3242.


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