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Published : 06-21-2019

New transfer with QR code. Visit

Starting June 23, 2019, a new transfer will be introduced on STO buses.

How is it different? It will have a QR code, which is a type of barcode consisting of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background.

This QR code will allow STO riders to access the O-Train stations. To use it, the transfer will be valid for 2 hours within which riders must scan the barcode at one of the fare gates at the stations.

Riders can now also use this transfer with the QR code to travel on the Trillium Line in Ottawa's light rail system, and will be able to do the same once the Confederation line is operational.

Visit How will I get through the gate to learn more.


Follow the usual process on STO and OC Transpo buses 

For those who will be using this new transfer to travel on an STO or OC Transpo bus, note that nothing will change. When boarding, continue to show it to the driver as you have already been doing. Its validity period will also remain the same, which is 2 hours calculated from the time the bus leaves the terminus on the current trip.

For more information, contact Customer Relations at 819 770-3242.


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