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Gift Card

By giving a loved one a gift card from the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO), you are enabling this person to ride for free on our buses for the value of the card, once the value has been loaded onto a Multi smart card.

This is a very useful gift that is greatly appreciated because the gift card is original, environmentally friendly, practical and easy to use.

How to use the card

The STO gift card is not a transit pass. It is therefore not an accepted fare payment method on our vehicles. Recipients of a gift card must therefore load its value on a Multi card at one of our service points.


The gift card is available throughout the year. The value of the gift card can be loaded on a monthly pass or the e-wallet.

Recipients of a gift card who are new riders on the system will need to get a Multi card for $8, taxes included.

Where to get the card

The gift card is available at one of our service points and can be recharged at the same locations.


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