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Customer Relations Technical Committee


The purpose of the Customer Relations Technical Committee at the Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) is to share opinions on the different aspects of public transit customer service. It meets at least three times per year in provide guidance and recommendations for the Management Committee, which are then discussed and submitted to the Board of Directors.


The committee is made up of key employees linked to Customer Relations, along with members of the STO’s Board of Directors. 

The committee also has representatives for patrons who are chosen, subsequent to a call for nominations, by a selection committee made up of members of the Customer Relations Technical Committee. Representatives carry out their duties on a volunteer basis. They serve for a renewable one-year term.


Myriam Nadeau

François-Michel Brière
Committee chairman and representative for regular public transit patrons on the Board of Directors

Patrick Leclerc
Committee co-ordinator and General Manager

Jocelyn Blondin
Member of the Board of Directors and representative for the City of Gatineau

Sophie St-Pierre
Director, Development, Marketing and Communications

M. Marco Cruz
Director, Exploitation

Josée Routhier
Chief, Customer Relations

Marie-Pier Pelletier
Lead Engineer – Service Development

Representative for the Youth Commission

Simon Tolszczuk-Leclerc

Representatives for STO patrons:
Murielle Henri
Marcel Fallu
Mélanie Desjardins
Johanne Fecteau-Bouchard
Simon Rivet


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